Saturday, 23 February 2013

Spellbinding Novel for Nicholas Sparks

“A Bend in the Road”… One of the best novels that I’ve came across… not too long, not too short, around 400 pages only.

The author “Nicholas Sparks” is one of the bestselling authors… he has several novels that has been turned into movies...

Anyways back to The Novel that I read: P it’s just GREAT!!! It kept me sitting on the edge of my desk unable to rest before I read it all: O… I just kept finishing a chapter after another without keeping track of the time I spent reading... Not getting bored always wanting more!! Flipping the pages nonstop!!! As if the author casts a spell on the reader and make him bound to finish the novel till the end.

I’m not ganna spoil the story for you, so I’m not ganna write a summery or whatever I’m just ganna write how much I enjoyed reading it.

The story is rich, variable emotions different states of the characters, their anger, rage, love, romance, sadness, bitterness, hope, confusion…etc the reader gets to experience these emotions along with the characters which binds him more to the novel and the story as if there is an invisible unexplained connection between them and the reader… at least that’s what I felt while reading and feeling all the emotions the characters had.

Not just emotions enriched the novel, not just words I was reading in the novel, my mind was there in that country the characters live in, I was seeing them I was able to feel with them to share their emotions and experience… I was able to share their grief and romance their joy and agony… every word seemed real, I was able to feel it in my heart.

The story line was AMAZING, spellbinding, captivating, page turner….etc I really can’t give a fair description! The author was using normal English words and turn them into a magic spell that kept me holding the book and reading on and on and on till I realized that my day was starting to end, and I’ve been reading nonstop since dawn! Yeah loosing track of time while reading is a proof of how much the plot and story were nice a satisfying. Variety of different elements was strongly present: from romance to mystery, from tragedy to happy moments and detailed description of daily life activities.

As a conclusion, this novel is absolutely worth ur time, give it a shot u wont regret it ;)