Thursday, 17 January 2013


BAD LUCK… sometimes we feel that bad luck is tagging along with us in our life journey. As for me 2012 was full of BAD LUCK!!! I know some don’t believe in LUCK or DESTINY or WHATEVER… bla bla…  BUT now it is 2013! Yeah 2012 is over already, all the past years, all the bad luck I had is over, because now it’s a new year we are still in January of 2013!!!

Few days ago I was searching for good song to listen to and guess what :D:D I came across one of Taylor Swift songs :D:D WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TO GETHER! A long title right :P but while listening to the lyrics I was imagining myself telling them to the bad luck that was intruding to my life… yeah I’m never ever going to let you in to my life again... I’ll dump you in the past… I’ll leave your side forever and ever… BAD LUCK your part of history for me :D I’m ganna do my best and leave you for good :D:D yep no more bad luck for me^.^

Work hard + hard work + harmony with my soul + live real = NO BAD LUCK  (^o^)


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Another year has gone, and a New Year begins… each year at 00:00 1st of January the world celebrates the arrival of the New Year … people from all over the world get optimistic with this new start... With this new chance… they welcome the new beginning and say goodbye to the old one… they laugh and cheer, they dance in felicity, they feel the joy rushing in their veins, like adrenaline ... They forget all about the last year … as if it wasn’t here, as if it was just a dream… a 3 minute dream that merely passed by here..

All the people are excited; all are enthusiastic about the New Year… watching the fireworks… fascinated by the colors and shapes, happy that they didn’t miss watching such a painting... A dark sky sparkling… like our lives maybe… one young couple hold hands during the event, with blushing cheeks , but tangled fingers, watching the booming sky , the sparkling colors… wishing time would stop for them… wishing they will always be like this, holding hands in carefree… An old couple is here too, sitting on a bench while leaning on each other with a rhythmic breathing and smiling faces, after the pass of all these years, and after celebrating many New Years, they watch the sky with a smile with delight, thanking God for blessing them with one more New Year.

On the opposite side of the streets there is lonely man standing there, he had his heart broken the past year, “it’s okay now” he mumbles by himself, “it a New Year, yes it’s a New Year”… A divorced lady holding her 2 years old kid, watches the sky with teary eyes, but then when she see the giant smile on her kid’s face she sighs and says: “ it’s a New Year now my dear, may God bless us this Year”. I look around and I see happy student celebrating the New Year, not all had passed there exams, not all were accepted were they applied… But all were looking forward for the New Year, were they will resume chasing their dreams.

Kids are playing; adults are cheering, business men, housewives, teachers, doctors, engineers, even non employees were enjoying the arrival of the New Year.

Happy New Year… Happy New Year… Happy New Year… That’s all I can hear… Happy New Year…Happy New Year…