Monday, 10 December 2012


From a while my friend recommended “ORANGE” manga for me but I didn’t find the name appealing so I didn’t check it. But yesterday I was searching for a good read and I remembered orange so I decided to give it a try… and I was like OMG!!! This manga is super awesome :O I couldn’t lift my head up while reading this manga... and I kept reading and reading till I reached the last scanlated chapter... and for my disappointment the next chapter will be released in January!!! So I have to wait >.< so frustrating >.<

This manga is more than original in many aspects… I’ve never came across any manga with similar plot or common idea. I’m not going to spoil the manga for you so I’m not going to tell the story. But this is a must read manga! Beside that the mangaka is a real genius; her art and the story line are definitely great. The art is charming and beautiful, the characters are not clones not even the side characters... each one has its own style, from hair cut to their features to their personality. But well as the story is school life genre then the uniform is mostly illustrated.


As much as the art is pretty the plot line is fascinating and enchanting. When you start reading a spell is cast on you so that you live with the manga characters every detail and you share their feelings… whenever the heroine is sad you feel the sadness in your heart and if she is happy you also feel happy. The feelings and the emotions of the characters become united with yours. Or at least that was the case with me. The manga gave me a bitter sweet sensation that I can’t explain, I was reading orange not only with my eyes but with my heart too.

The mystery factor is a big bonus in this manga. Along with mystery drama, romance and school life are the main component of Orange. The romance is so sweet, the drama can make you’re your heart wrench, and mystery will force your mind to think and wonder. All along the stunning plot and story line progress this manga is spell binding. In short Orange is a great manga with beautiful art and if you skip reading it then you are really missing something great and original. Read it! It is definitely worth your time :D
Note: all the picture are uploaded from the internet ^^

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Story of the Dying Rose

Do you have a dream deep inside your mind? Do you have a dream with spider webs around? Do you have a dream forgotten all alone in the shadows of your soul? Then here I’m going to tell a story of a Rose neglected by the world, and suffering alone…
Once upon a time, there was a Red Rose forgotten at the shadows of a garden, with no sun or water. Little by little the scarlet red began to fade, the charming odor started to end, and the petals were falling like tear drops from the Rose’s broken heart. The Rose was abandoned by the whole world; even hope had no mercy on the dying Rose. The Rose was so sad and pitiful, it started to bend, and the stem was no longer standing still. The Rose was dying alone, suffering in the shadows, little by little, suffering every moment. The Rose by then was an ugly stem, with nothing but thorns of regret and bitterness, with nothing but pale petals scattered on the ground underneath it. Despite the loss the Rose was struggling to live… But how foolish of the Rose, with no nourishment at all, did it think life would let it glow!!?

A dream abandoned in the maze of your mind, with no nourishment what so ever, with no hard work, positive attitude or even determination, for it to come true… The dream will never see the light or glow in the sky of your world… It will have the same fate as the dying Rose...

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What is Life?

What is life? Is it a candy house with lollipops and chocolate every where? Is it a happy melody? Is it a beautiful painting? Is it love? Is it friendship? Is it a clear sky with nothing but a bright sun? Is it the cute smile on kids’ faces? Is it the tender touch in mothers’ hands? Is it the sound of laughter between friends? Is it the sweetness between lovers?
What is life? Is it war and death? Is money seeking and slyness? Is it wickedness and maliciousness? Is it dying for the weak and long live for the strong? Is it sadness? Is it sorrow? Is broken hearts? Is it back stabbing and deceive? Is it the cruel eyes of a criminal? Is it the rough hands of an abuser? Is lewdness and devolution? Is a black sun in a grey sky? Is it roaring of monsters? Is it fear and scare? What is life…?



Why are we born? Why do we breathe? Why do we see and hear? Why do we feel and seek? Why do we let go of our imagination and dream wild? Why do we pursue goals even if they are far? Why aim high if falling down is a possibility? Why do we love the warmth of the sun? Why do we try to captures the stars? Why do we smile and laugh? Why do we care and be nice? Why do we love and like? Why kill and bribe? Why steel and break? Why deceive and take? Why give up and despair? Why not try again?

This is life... You choose from what eye to look at it. This is life you choose in what category you want to add in. Life is a dream, life is sweet, life can deceive, and life can steel…BUT THIS IS LIFE!!! You try… You fail... Try again and you shall gain… So don’t give up and seek your dreams, don’t hurt people and don’t be mean… so that when you’re down you can find a hand to help you stand again on your feet. Never abandon hope, never let go of your goals, and you will live your life along with a smile and satisfaction in your heart.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Live Longer

Want to live longer? Want to have a strong body? Are you tired of all the fake products and impossible procedure that you have bought or tried to follow? Do you believe that it is impossible for us to live longer? Will I’m not going to propose any magical ingredient or secret exercise... Actually I’m not going to say anything that you never heard about; I want to remind you of the most proper way to live that will guarantee you a longer life… Here are four simple tips:

1.    Maintain you’re a healthy weight.


2.    Have a healthy diet full of fibers and variable nutrients (less junk food and fat rich food) 


3.    Exercise (walking, aerobics…) to have a healthier heart and better circulatory system.

4.     Don’t smoke!!!

Live healthy! live longer ^_^