Sunday, 9 December 2012

Story of the Dying Rose

Do you have a dream deep inside your mind? Do you have a dream with spider webs around? Do you have a dream forgotten all alone in the shadows of your soul? Then here I’m going to tell a story of a Rose neglected by the world, and suffering alone…
Once upon a time, there was a Red Rose forgotten at the shadows of a garden, with no sun or water. Little by little the scarlet red began to fade, the charming odor started to end, and the petals were falling like tear drops from the Rose’s broken heart. The Rose was abandoned by the whole world; even hope had no mercy on the dying Rose. The Rose was so sad and pitiful, it started to bend, and the stem was no longer standing still. The Rose was dying alone, suffering in the shadows, little by little, suffering every moment. The Rose by then was an ugly stem, with nothing but thorns of regret and bitterness, with nothing but pale petals scattered on the ground underneath it. Despite the loss the Rose was struggling to live… But how foolish of the Rose, with no nourishment at all, did it think life would let it glow!!?

A dream abandoned in the maze of your mind, with no nourishment what so ever, with no hard work, positive attitude or even determination, for it to come true… The dream will never see the light or glow in the sky of your world… It will have the same fate as the dying Rose...

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