Thursday, 6 December 2012

What is Life?

What is life? Is it a candy house with lollipops and chocolate every where? Is it a happy melody? Is it a beautiful painting? Is it love? Is it friendship? Is it a clear sky with nothing but a bright sun? Is it the cute smile on kids’ faces? Is it the tender touch in mothers’ hands? Is it the sound of laughter between friends? Is it the sweetness between lovers?
What is life? Is it war and death? Is money seeking and slyness? Is it wickedness and maliciousness? Is it dying for the weak and long live for the strong? Is it sadness? Is it sorrow? Is broken hearts? Is it back stabbing and deceive? Is it the cruel eyes of a criminal? Is it the rough hands of an abuser? Is lewdness and devolution? Is a black sun in a grey sky? Is it roaring of monsters? Is it fear and scare? What is life…?



Why are we born? Why do we breathe? Why do we see and hear? Why do we feel and seek? Why do we let go of our imagination and dream wild? Why do we pursue goals even if they are far? Why aim high if falling down is a possibility? Why do we love the warmth of the sun? Why do we try to captures the stars? Why do we smile and laugh? Why do we care and be nice? Why do we love and like? Why kill and bribe? Why steel and break? Why deceive and take? Why give up and despair? Why not try again?

This is life... You choose from what eye to look at it. This is life you choose in what category you want to add in. Life is a dream, life is sweet, life can deceive, and life can steel…BUT THIS IS LIFE!!! You try… You fail... Try again and you shall gain… So don’t give up and seek your dreams, don’t hurt people and don’t be mean… so that when you’re down you can find a hand to help you stand again on your feet. Never abandon hope, never let go of your goals, and you will live your life along with a smile and satisfaction in your heart.

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