Monday, 10 December 2012


From a while my friend recommended “ORANGE” manga for me but I didn’t find the name appealing so I didn’t check it. But yesterday I was searching for a good read and I remembered orange so I decided to give it a try… and I was like OMG!!! This manga is super awesome :O I couldn’t lift my head up while reading this manga... and I kept reading and reading till I reached the last scanlated chapter... and for my disappointment the next chapter will be released in January!!! So I have to wait >.< so frustrating >.<

This manga is more than original in many aspects… I’ve never came across any manga with similar plot or common idea. I’m not going to spoil the manga for you so I’m not going to tell the story. But this is a must read manga! Beside that the mangaka is a real genius; her art and the story line are definitely great. The art is charming and beautiful, the characters are not clones not even the side characters... each one has its own style, from hair cut to their features to their personality. But well as the story is school life genre then the uniform is mostly illustrated.


As much as the art is pretty the plot line is fascinating and enchanting. When you start reading a spell is cast on you so that you live with the manga characters every detail and you share their feelings… whenever the heroine is sad you feel the sadness in your heart and if she is happy you also feel happy. The feelings and the emotions of the characters become united with yours. Or at least that was the case with me. The manga gave me a bitter sweet sensation that I can’t explain, I was reading orange not only with my eyes but with my heart too.

The mystery factor is a big bonus in this manga. Along with mystery drama, romance and school life are the main component of Orange. The romance is so sweet, the drama can make you’re your heart wrench, and mystery will force your mind to think and wonder. All along the stunning plot and story line progress this manga is spell binding. In short Orange is a great manga with beautiful art and if you skip reading it then you are really missing something great and original. Read it! It is definitely worth your time :D
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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Story of the Dying Rose

Do you have a dream deep inside your mind? Do you have a dream with spider webs around? Do you have a dream forgotten all alone in the shadows of your soul? Then here I’m going to tell a story of a Rose neglected by the world, and suffering alone…
Once upon a time, there was a Red Rose forgotten at the shadows of a garden, with no sun or water. Little by little the scarlet red began to fade, the charming odor started to end, and the petals were falling like tear drops from the Rose’s broken heart. The Rose was abandoned by the whole world; even hope had no mercy on the dying Rose. The Rose was so sad and pitiful, it started to bend, and the stem was no longer standing still. The Rose was dying alone, suffering in the shadows, little by little, suffering every moment. The Rose by then was an ugly stem, with nothing but thorns of regret and bitterness, with nothing but pale petals scattered on the ground underneath it. Despite the loss the Rose was struggling to live… But how foolish of the Rose, with no nourishment at all, did it think life would let it glow!!?

A dream abandoned in the maze of your mind, with no nourishment what so ever, with no hard work, positive attitude or even determination, for it to come true… The dream will never see the light or glow in the sky of your world… It will have the same fate as the dying Rose...

Thursday, 6 December 2012

What is Life?

What is life? Is it a candy house with lollipops and chocolate every where? Is it a happy melody? Is it a beautiful painting? Is it love? Is it friendship? Is it a clear sky with nothing but a bright sun? Is it the cute smile on kids’ faces? Is it the tender touch in mothers’ hands? Is it the sound of laughter between friends? Is it the sweetness between lovers?
What is life? Is it war and death? Is money seeking and slyness? Is it wickedness and maliciousness? Is it dying for the weak and long live for the strong? Is it sadness? Is it sorrow? Is broken hearts? Is it back stabbing and deceive? Is it the cruel eyes of a criminal? Is it the rough hands of an abuser? Is lewdness and devolution? Is a black sun in a grey sky? Is it roaring of monsters? Is it fear and scare? What is life…?



Why are we born? Why do we breathe? Why do we see and hear? Why do we feel and seek? Why do we let go of our imagination and dream wild? Why do we pursue goals even if they are far? Why aim high if falling down is a possibility? Why do we love the warmth of the sun? Why do we try to captures the stars? Why do we smile and laugh? Why do we care and be nice? Why do we love and like? Why kill and bribe? Why steel and break? Why deceive and take? Why give up and despair? Why not try again?

This is life... You choose from what eye to look at it. This is life you choose in what category you want to add in. Life is a dream, life is sweet, life can deceive, and life can steel…BUT THIS IS LIFE!!! You try… You fail... Try again and you shall gain… So don’t give up and seek your dreams, don’t hurt people and don’t be mean… so that when you’re down you can find a hand to help you stand again on your feet. Never abandon hope, never let go of your goals, and you will live your life along with a smile and satisfaction in your heart.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Live Longer

Want to live longer? Want to have a strong body? Are you tired of all the fake products and impossible procedure that you have bought or tried to follow? Do you believe that it is impossible for us to live longer? Will I’m not going to propose any magical ingredient or secret exercise... Actually I’m not going to say anything that you never heard about; I want to remind you of the most proper way to live that will guarantee you a longer life… Here are four simple tips:

1.    Maintain you’re a healthy weight.


2.    Have a healthy diet full of fibers and variable nutrients (less junk food and fat rich food) 


3.    Exercise (walking, aerobics…) to have a healthier heart and better circulatory system.

4.     Don’t smoke!!!

Live healthy! live longer ^_^

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I want to go back, I want to invent a time machine, and I want to travel in time … I want my old life back …
I thought the future would be bright, full of love and happiness. I pictured it with rainbow colors, with light, joy and flowers. Whenever I heard the world future a smile would appear on my lips, my heart would fly with excitement and my mind will dream wild of the awaiting happiness...
But Oh GOD look at me I’m in a total mess unable to breathe, unable to think, with a hindered body and a frozen mind... I tried to fly but my wings were broken… I aimed so high then my fall was painful... I wanted to live to achieve to get... But NO it was just a dream... a sweet illusion I was trapped in… And now look at me here on the land of reality, on the land of deceive, cruelty and misery. I wanted the sun but the heat burnt me alive, I tried to fly but wings were no longer mine, I thought I had what will help me stand and walk, but no it was all now lost.
I have nothing left but a disaster, my life now is a total failure, and my hopes... Oh what hopes I have no hopes no light no nothing remained in my life … I lost my beauty, my health, my intelligence, my focus, my aim, my goals ,my dreams… I LOST MY EVERYTHING.
I’m an empty shell with no soul, I live in the dark where no one can find. I lock myself and start to cry, I pity my pathetic life… OH GOD why did you chose me, why a sad fate should tag along with me. Can’t I live! Can’t I breathe! Why???? Why should it me????
But wait for a moment now dear, is it god or is it me? Should I blame destiny? Should I stand still and pity my misery? We humans are sure so funny whenever we lose track of our roads, whenever we lose sight of our sun, whenever we goof around play games and act irresponsible, we blame our failure on god, destiny and fate ….
Why not stop for a minute and think! Recall the track of our actions and look carefully to our slacking… Was it God who forced us to fail, or was it us who lazed around and played? Did fate curse our work, or was it the irresponsibility that pulled us behind? Did destiny make our misery a fact, or was it the result of the slacking around? The dead end road was it god’s fault! Or the result of a shallow decision we took?
So instead of weeping and wining in the corner, instead of locking ourselves in the box, instead of cursing our luck, lets open our eyes wide, read our life carefully, point out the blesses and the failure… lets learn from our mistakes, make a plan, put a new goal and a higher aim… life is so short so let’s make the best of it while we can…let us be optimistic, be serious, work hard and we shall fly high :D

Friday, 16 November 2012

Blast Fats in 10 min

Are you a student or a worker, very busy you can't mange time for exercising? Is your body storing fats and your gaining extra weight?Do you want to blast fats in only 10 min?
Then follow these simple steps:

1.  walk for 10 min whenever possible, because studies have proved that people who walk for 10 min for 3times separately in a day have better blood pressure than those who walk for continues 30 min.

2.  Try this small exercise for 10 min: left the rubber band for 30 sec above your head then lower it near to your chest for another 30 sec. repeat this exercise for 5 times, this will enhance the blood circulation and exercise your shoulders and thighs.

3.    Jump on a jumping rope for 10 min while watching television. It will help regulate you’re blood circulation and burn belly fats. In fact if you are really trying to get ripped abs, jumping rope will help big-time. Your core really gets worked hard since your abs has to contract to stabilize your entire body as it propels through the air.( but of course to have abs you need more than 10 min of jumping)

If you exercise for at least 10 min, the sugar and carbohydrates you intake in your diet will be used up instead of being stored as fats, plus it will keep your body fresh and healthy with good muscles, good blood pressure, and healthy heart… but of course if possible increase the time of exercise this will only help you be more healthy, and have a balanced diet… Have a healthy body, have a good life!!!

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Be proud, you're original :)

Hello guys =D here I am again XD

I decided to write something different in this post J so here I start ;)

Did u ever feel out of place? When you’re hanging out with your friends, you laugh with them, talk about many goofy or serious topics with them, you laugh, cry, get mad or even happy with them, but you still feel like an outsider? Like you belong to another world, as if you’re from another universe? Have you ever feel like you’re so different than the people around, that it makes you want to change in order to fit in and to feel that you belong, otherwise you would stay alone? Do you fake a laugh when people laugh? Do you pretend to be someone you are not? Do you go against your principles and believe in order to please the people around you, like your family or friends?? Is it really okay to lose who we are in order to get along with the people around us? Is it really fine to lose our identity to fit in and belong?

We always feel the need to change so that we can keep up with school mates or work colleagues or family members, as if we will lose and become total outcasts or even bullied if we don’t fake a smile when they through a lame joke and make fun of people who are different, or we feel threatened if they criticize our outfit, our acts and believes so we rush and change whatever they dislike in us even if they were wrong. Why do we feel threatened? Is it really worth it to bury our soul and fake another personality to protect ourselves from getting bullied or pushed away? Is not that a type of hypocrisy? So is it okay for us to be hypocrite but it is not okay to be ourselves?

Of course this is not okay!! We only need some courage to show our true selves, even if we are different that only makes us original, not clones so why the need to cover it up and change who we are?? We only have to have some confidence in our abilities and to believe in our capabilities… just look to the life with an optimistic eye and stand up for your believe. If people make fun of you because you are different laugh back at them because they are clones. Never care for their opinions, never care for their glares and whispers, just walk in the road you chose, be yourself and be proud. Keep your head held high and be honored with what you have and in your originality. So never give in to your surroundings. Be who you are... Be original...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vampire Girl

Here I am!!! Wohooo!!! More manga reviews…XD I can’t believe it myself that I can actually write for my blog again! When I have like 17 book to take care of >.< yeah…Collage is so exhausting!

So there is this manga that I have read before a while … I guess it was in the previous summer … will it certainly wasn’t the brightest  manga I’ve came across… In fact it has a pretty twisted plot in it... No horror elements though only psychological.  Its title is “Vampire Girl”.

It is one of the most twisted manga I’ve ever read!! It has this spooky mood flying around it which gives it its originality.  As in my previous manga review I am not going to tell a summary for the manga or spoil it for you =D I’m only going to spot out its good or bad sides…

First of all the art… The art is beautiful… but it really depends on the readers’ taste to decide if it’s pretty or annoying… as for me I really like the art and find it pretty and impressive especially its gloomy and spooky touch which is very obvious, this aides in building up the general theme that the mangaka was trying to illustrate throughout this manga… the art style is definitely the best with respect to the story line and genres of the manga.

As for the plot, the manga definitely has an original and unique story line. Mystery is the major element in Vampire Girl, which will spell bind the reader to the manga and it will certainly make him want to read more so that he can keep up with the amazing and unexpected progress of the story in order unsolved the tangled mysteries and to discover what’s unknown. Beside mystery, psychological and romance genres are heavily present too. This fascinating combination of these three genres beside the suspense element captivates the reader and enthralls him, making him stick to the manga till the end. As for me it was impossible for me to leave my laptop before finishing all the manga chapters.

The characters of the manga starts cool and cold with little emotions expressed and little talking… but as the story progresses their emotions starts to float to the surface, and they start to lose their cool and self composure. Actually they start to lose themselves, and they sink in to a very deep, dark well that is full of regrets and sorrows…

There is still something that really affected me, which is a metaphor the mangaka used in Vampire Girl. He illustrated the whole struggle of the manga heroes in a simple drawing of a boy playing in a shining rolling thing. It indicates how their fate was previously decided, and how they are unable to escape it. They will always remain rolling and spinning in the same place- which is their destiny in this case- unable to break free of it.

 In short this manga is a must read xD So don’t miss it!!! Believe me it is worth your time (of course if you are in the mood for psychological, gloomy and mysterious themes)…
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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sick, Fat & Tired?!

Do you know that one of the major causes for sickness, fatigue, being fat and tiered all the time is sleeping deprivation?!

Sleep deprive can cause:

a-   Increase in blood pressure.

b-   Obesity.

c-    Diabetes  typeII

d-   Depression

e-    Heart disease


I’ll explain more in this matter, how is it possible for sleep deprivation to be so harmful on the human body!!!

Well yeah it is true, and it can be medically and scientifically proved…

Leptin hormone is responsible for feeling full and the craving for food would stop upon the secretion of this hormone by the brain’s order…. But do you know that a body that is deprived from sleeping sufficiently will have less leptin hormone in the blood stream and more grelin hormone. Then what does grilin do to our bodies?

As a matter of fact grilin hormone makes the body crave for sugar and carbohydrate rich food such as chips and chocolate and pasta, pizza, rice and fat rich food (fried potato…). Upon the intake of so much carbs and so much sugar the pancreas gland will secret insulin to regulate the glucose dose in blood by storing the excess glucose as fats. But the excessive intake of sugar and carbs will tire the body and pancreas from excessive insulin secretion and eventually this will cause diabetes type II and obesity.

More over when you wake up in the morning and you hadn’t sleep for enough hours, and at the same time you have a school or college to attend or even pile of work to do, so in order to gain some energy you will drink coffee or tea or other drinks with caffeine which will cause an increase in heart beats and blood pressure. This will increase the rate of having cardio diseases and having a heart attack.

In order to avoid all these harmful consequences you should have enough sleep. But what if you are having troubles to go to sleep?!

No worries! This can be solved by following few steps :D

But before trying to solve this problem we should point out its causes, which are:

1.      Light :bright light can and not only the one coming from the bulb but also the bright light that comes from electronic devices such as television, mobile phones, computers…etc

2.        Noise: such as loud voices, listing to music by earphones, noises from car engines…etc

3.     Nutrient deficiency: such as vitamin D or iron deficiency.

*Noting that 70% of women that get heart attack, experience unexplained fatigue before having the attack. So beware from having fatigue due to sleep deprivation!!!

=>Well in order to have good sleep follow these simple steps:

1.       Cut out all the energy drinks and caffeine.

2.     Remove all electronic devises from your bed room, or turn them off before couple of hours from going to sleep.


3.     Try to sleep and wake up at the same hour every day.
Have enough sleep ... Have a better health :D