Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sick, Fat & Tired?!

Do you know that one of the major causes for sickness, fatigue, being fat and tiered all the time is sleeping deprivation?!

Sleep deprive can cause:

a-   Increase in blood pressure.

b-   Obesity.

c-    Diabetes  typeII

d-   Depression

e-    Heart disease


I’ll explain more in this matter, how is it possible for sleep deprivation to be so harmful on the human body!!!

Well yeah it is true, and it can be medically and scientifically proved…

Leptin hormone is responsible for feeling full and the craving for food would stop upon the secretion of this hormone by the brain’s order…. But do you know that a body that is deprived from sleeping sufficiently will have less leptin hormone in the blood stream and more grelin hormone. Then what does grilin do to our bodies?

As a matter of fact grilin hormone makes the body crave for sugar and carbohydrate rich food such as chips and chocolate and pasta, pizza, rice and fat rich food (fried potato…). Upon the intake of so much carbs and so much sugar the pancreas gland will secret insulin to regulate the glucose dose in blood by storing the excess glucose as fats. But the excessive intake of sugar and carbs will tire the body and pancreas from excessive insulin secretion and eventually this will cause diabetes type II and obesity.

More over when you wake up in the morning and you hadn’t sleep for enough hours, and at the same time you have a school or college to attend or even pile of work to do, so in order to gain some energy you will drink coffee or tea or other drinks with caffeine which will cause an increase in heart beats and blood pressure. This will increase the rate of having cardio diseases and having a heart attack.

In order to avoid all these harmful consequences you should have enough sleep. But what if you are having troubles to go to sleep?!

No worries! This can be solved by following few steps :D

But before trying to solve this problem we should point out its causes, which are:

1.      Light :bright light can and not only the one coming from the bulb but also the bright light that comes from electronic devices such as television, mobile phones, computers…etc

2.        Noise: such as loud voices, listing to music by earphones, noises from car engines…etc

3.     Nutrient deficiency: such as vitamin D or iron deficiency.

*Noting that 70% of women that get heart attack, experience unexplained fatigue before having the attack. So beware from having fatigue due to sleep deprivation!!!

=>Well in order to have good sleep follow these simple steps:

1.       Cut out all the energy drinks and caffeine.

2.     Remove all electronic devises from your bed room, or turn them off before couple of hours from going to sleep.


3.     Try to sleep and wake up at the same hour every day.
Have enough sleep ... Have a better health :D

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