Friday, 16 November 2012

Blast Fats in 10 min

Are you a student or a worker, very busy you can't mange time for exercising? Is your body storing fats and your gaining extra weight?Do you want to blast fats in only 10 min?
Then follow these simple steps:

1.  walk for 10 min whenever possible, because studies have proved that people who walk for 10 min for 3times separately in a day have better blood pressure than those who walk for continues 30 min.

2.  Try this small exercise for 10 min: left the rubber band for 30 sec above your head then lower it near to your chest for another 30 sec. repeat this exercise for 5 times, this will enhance the blood circulation and exercise your shoulders and thighs.

3.    Jump on a jumping rope for 10 min while watching television. It will help regulate you’re blood circulation and burn belly fats. In fact if you are really trying to get ripped abs, jumping rope will help big-time. Your core really gets worked hard since your abs has to contract to stabilize your entire body as it propels through the air.( but of course to have abs you need more than 10 min of jumping)

If you exercise for at least 10 min, the sugar and carbohydrates you intake in your diet will be used up instead of being stored as fats, plus it will keep your body fresh and healthy with good muscles, good blood pressure, and healthy heart… but of course if possible increase the time of exercise this will only help you be more healthy, and have a balanced diet… Have a healthy body, have a good life!!!

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