Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vampire Girl

Here I am!!! Wohooo!!! More manga reviews…XD I can’t believe it myself that I can actually write for my blog again! When I have like 17 book to take care of >.< yeah…Collage is so exhausting!

So there is this manga that I have read before a while … I guess it was in the previous summer … will it certainly wasn’t the brightest  manga I’ve came across… In fact it has a pretty twisted plot in it... No horror elements though only psychological.  Its title is “Vampire Girl”.

It is one of the most twisted manga I’ve ever read!! It has this spooky mood flying around it which gives it its originality.  As in my previous manga review I am not going to tell a summary for the manga or spoil it for you =D I’m only going to spot out its good or bad sides…

First of all the art… The art is beautiful… but it really depends on the readers’ taste to decide if it’s pretty or annoying… as for me I really like the art and find it pretty and impressive especially its gloomy and spooky touch which is very obvious, this aides in building up the general theme that the mangaka was trying to illustrate throughout this manga… the art style is definitely the best with respect to the story line and genres of the manga.

As for the plot, the manga definitely has an original and unique story line. Mystery is the major element in Vampire Girl, which will spell bind the reader to the manga and it will certainly make him want to read more so that he can keep up with the amazing and unexpected progress of the story in order unsolved the tangled mysteries and to discover what’s unknown. Beside mystery, psychological and romance genres are heavily present too. This fascinating combination of these three genres beside the suspense element captivates the reader and enthralls him, making him stick to the manga till the end. As for me it was impossible for me to leave my laptop before finishing all the manga chapters.

The characters of the manga starts cool and cold with little emotions expressed and little talking… but as the story progresses their emotions starts to float to the surface, and they start to lose their cool and self composure. Actually they start to lose themselves, and they sink in to a very deep, dark well that is full of regrets and sorrows…

There is still something that really affected me, which is a metaphor the mangaka used in Vampire Girl. He illustrated the whole struggle of the manga heroes in a simple drawing of a boy playing in a shining rolling thing. It indicates how their fate was previously decided, and how they are unable to escape it. They will always remain rolling and spinning in the same place- which is their destiny in this case- unable to break free of it.

 In short this manga is a must read xD So don’t miss it!!! Believe me it is worth your time (of course if you are in the mood for psychological, gloomy and mysterious themes)…
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  1. aah will read this too :P! ! i love mysteries

  2. yep it is good ^^ but be aware from alittle mature ideas :P