Friday, 16 November 2012

Be proud, you're original :)

Hello guys =D here I am again XD

I decided to write something different in this post J so here I start ;)

Did u ever feel out of place? When you’re hanging out with your friends, you laugh with them, talk about many goofy or serious topics with them, you laugh, cry, get mad or even happy with them, but you still feel like an outsider? Like you belong to another world, as if you’re from another universe? Have you ever feel like you’re so different than the people around, that it makes you want to change in order to fit in and to feel that you belong, otherwise you would stay alone? Do you fake a laugh when people laugh? Do you pretend to be someone you are not? Do you go against your principles and believe in order to please the people around you, like your family or friends?? Is it really okay to lose who we are in order to get along with the people around us? Is it really fine to lose our identity to fit in and belong?

We always feel the need to change so that we can keep up with school mates or work colleagues or family members, as if we will lose and become total outcasts or even bullied if we don’t fake a smile when they through a lame joke and make fun of people who are different, or we feel threatened if they criticize our outfit, our acts and believes so we rush and change whatever they dislike in us even if they were wrong. Why do we feel threatened? Is it really worth it to bury our soul and fake another personality to protect ourselves from getting bullied or pushed away? Is not that a type of hypocrisy? So is it okay for us to be hypocrite but it is not okay to be ourselves?

Of course this is not okay!! We only need some courage to show our true selves, even if we are different that only makes us original, not clones so why the need to cover it up and change who we are?? We only have to have some confidence in our abilities and to believe in our capabilities… just look to the life with an optimistic eye and stand up for your believe. If people make fun of you because you are different laugh back at them because they are clones. Never care for their opinions, never care for their glares and whispers, just walk in the road you chose, be yourself and be proud. Keep your head held high and be honored with what you have and in your originality. So never give in to your surroundings. Be who you are... Be original...

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