Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I want to go back, I want to invent a time machine, and I want to travel in time … I want my old life back …
I thought the future would be bright, full of love and happiness. I pictured it with rainbow colors, with light, joy and flowers. Whenever I heard the world future a smile would appear on my lips, my heart would fly with excitement and my mind will dream wild of the awaiting happiness...
But Oh GOD look at me I’m in a total mess unable to breathe, unable to think, with a hindered body and a frozen mind... I tried to fly but my wings were broken… I aimed so high then my fall was painful... I wanted to live to achieve to get... But NO it was just a dream... a sweet illusion I was trapped in… And now look at me here on the land of reality, on the land of deceive, cruelty and misery. I wanted the sun but the heat burnt me alive, I tried to fly but wings were no longer mine, I thought I had what will help me stand and walk, but no it was all now lost.
I have nothing left but a disaster, my life now is a total failure, and my hopes... Oh what hopes I have no hopes no light no nothing remained in my life … I lost my beauty, my health, my intelligence, my focus, my aim, my goals ,my dreams… I LOST MY EVERYTHING.
I’m an empty shell with no soul, I live in the dark where no one can find. I lock myself and start to cry, I pity my pathetic life… OH GOD why did you chose me, why a sad fate should tag along with me. Can’t I live! Can’t I breathe! Why???? Why should it me????
But wait for a moment now dear, is it god or is it me? Should I blame destiny? Should I stand still and pity my misery? We humans are sure so funny whenever we lose track of our roads, whenever we lose sight of our sun, whenever we goof around play games and act irresponsible, we blame our failure on god, destiny and fate ….
Why not stop for a minute and think! Recall the track of our actions and look carefully to our slacking… Was it God who forced us to fail, or was it us who lazed around and played? Did fate curse our work, or was it the irresponsibility that pulled us behind? Did destiny make our misery a fact, or was it the result of the slacking around? The dead end road was it god’s fault! Or the result of a shallow decision we took?
So instead of weeping and wining in the corner, instead of locking ourselves in the box, instead of cursing our luck, lets open our eyes wide, read our life carefully, point out the blesses and the failure… lets learn from our mistakes, make a plan, put a new goal and a higher aim… life is so short so let’s make the best of it while we can…let us be optimistic, be serious, work hard and we shall fly high :D


  1. this is....amazing! i loved what you wrote i will save it and whenever i think i reached a dead end i will read it, it cheered me up ^_^ i was so stressed because of the school :P so i will go do my math h.w now lol because when i saw i saw it i was like i wil never be able to do it XD so i am gonna try now

  2. haha good it helped you :D and good luck on your math home work ;D