Thursday, 17 January 2013


BAD LUCK… sometimes we feel that bad luck is tagging along with us in our life journey. As for me 2012 was full of BAD LUCK!!! I know some don’t believe in LUCK or DESTINY or WHATEVER… bla bla…  BUT now it is 2013! Yeah 2012 is over already, all the past years, all the bad luck I had is over, because now it’s a new year we are still in January of 2013!!!

Few days ago I was searching for good song to listen to and guess what :D:D I came across one of Taylor Swift songs :D:D WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TO GETHER! A long title right :P but while listening to the lyrics I was imagining myself telling them to the bad luck that was intruding to my life… yeah I’m never ever going to let you in to my life again... I’ll dump you in the past… I’ll leave your side forever and ever… BAD LUCK your part of history for me :D I’m ganna do my best and leave you for good :D:D yep no more bad luck for me^.^

Work hard + hard work + harmony with my soul + live real = NO BAD LUCK  (^o^)


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