Thursday, 7 March 2013


Tower of God …what a title O.O … really captivating with a lot of potential… It makes me think- before starting with the manhwa- what kind of things it can have?!! And after trying to imagine for couple of minutes I stop with: WOW it must be a dreamy place… a heaven :D and a giant grin is drawn unconsciously on my face.. I’m ganna read about paradise for sure!! Or at least that’s what I thought >.<;

As I started reading this manhwa, I was reading continuously without stopping, chapter after another after another…… till my eyes were blurry and I could read no more… A captivating story, touching, beautiful art….etc in short an Epic manhwa…. But it wasn’t because of its heavenly atmosphere that I was reading nonstop… actually it was more like a hellish tower :O:O:O yeah surprising !!!

But even though the story was nothing like what I imagined it IS A MAGNIFICENT EPIC MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!  It’s a... a… I donno how to describe it! But it s absolutely from the best manga/manhwas ever! What a story! Absolutely from the top webtoons!
The art is nice, decent and lovely to the eyes, the plot is not 100% original but it is presented and manipulated in a way that gave it a unique sensation, and an original print. Unquestionably beautiful and interesting storyline!!!!! I’m not ganna describe it more so that I won’t spoil the manhwa for u guys... but it is absolutely worth ur time if u like to read about an imaginary place with fictional rules and logic….

The manhwa is full with different kind of emotions... different type of characters and looooots of unveiled mysteries. It has a lot of potential to proceed forward successfully. But the thing that bothers me about this manhwa is the slow pace of the events... Maybe its becuz I’m too impatient and I wanna know how the story will turn as it is full of twists :O:O
TOWER OF GOD is full of fantasy, mystery, unexpected twists, drama, strong emotions and deep characters… It is a must read don’t miss it ;) take my advise;)

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