Sunday, 21 October 2012

from Extremely Boring to Extra Awsome !!!

Sooo here I am XD… even though I have so many textbooks to read x_x…..well whatever study can wait xP... 
Okay! So what did I want to say..Oh yes!! I challenged myself to complete almost 600 pages novel. Reading the novel was not the challenge but reading a novel that I thought it was quit boring and actually there were 600 pages to finish!!!..Still the challenge wasn’t just finishing chapters as soon as possible but actually reading and taking notes of new words and the style of the author…
( English is not my first language and I still need to improve it more ) yep it’s not easy to do that while reading an uncaptivating novel… or at least that’s what I thought …
Well when I started reading the novel I was soooo bored by the slow pace which the story was moving on..Actually it wasn’t moving at all…it was as is if the story was stuck in a short period of time and was going on and on and on in describing the weather and the how did the characters do in their tiniest and silliest daily routine... This was the case till I reached around page 200...So when I reach page 200 I was like omg the plot is actually moving on!! But wasn’t everything the story took a very interesting turn and mysteries started to tangle, it was like a spaghetti plate!! And I was sooo captivated by the story line here …the plot was addicting and I wasn’t able to leave the book …so I had some sleepless nights in order to finish it :D haha yep pretty contradicting, and I’m so happy I took that challenge because it’s a must read novel!! The story involved the lives of 3 separate families that lived in separate parts of world were only the elders new the dark secrets while the others new nothing…. Fate united these families in a very calm and peaceful village were the darkest secrets and the unforgivable crime were discovered and the most devastating truth was out to the public…The ending was a little bit extended but the turning of the events and the way the author detailed the characters development and the way they felt and lived was so perfect (even though at first I thought it was boring :P)… the author was capable of drawing a complete picture of the story without leaving any unresolved issues or neglecting any character… It was a cool read and I’m glad that I experienced it =D this proves that we can’t judge a book from its cover (or 1st 150 ~200 pages :P)
This is the awsome novel I'm talking about xD


  1. Your way of describing the story makes me wanna read it ,600 pages you struggled to finish it but they are fine with me I read all Sherlock Holmes novels and I read a lot of manga and for a person who reads.detective Conan the manga which is 800+ I am sure I can read this one and finish it in a short time , I love people like you who challange themselves and win the challange I am impressed !! ^_^

  2. thank u very much haibara san ^.~ well actually I didn't struggle because of the 600 pages but beceause of the slow pace of the plot xP but anyways I'm sure u will enjoy it if u read it ^^ and as matter of fact I read manga the most so wait for my upcoming posts they may envolve some manga that I enjoy xD and by the way it seems we have common interests here!! I've finished sherlock holmes stories when I was in middle school they were from my fav.s
    And omg!! detective conan anime( I almost worshiped it back then :P)..

  3. Great I will wait for your upcoming posts ^_^ as for detective Conan I still worship it till now I just love it I have been watching since I was 4 and till now I am still watching it and I guess I will keep watching it till I become a grandma no one knows when gosho is planning to end this endless series XD I refuse to die before I watch the final episode!! XD :P

  4. Great great !! keep on watching conan till the end ^^ I'm still dying to see Ran busting Kudo Shinichi >.< but im sure the seires wont end before we become in our late 80s xP
    GOOOOD!!!! I wish the story will end soon >.<