Thursday, 25 October 2012


Here on this page I'm going to talk about manga and anime or anything that relates to them ^.^
yes I'm a big fan of manga ,Yay ~.* But not an otaku - not that i hold anything against them -
Anyways I also read manhwa and web comics too =D..
I can recall when I started reading manga I was in Junior high back then , but I've watched animes since like ever so I really can't recall my first anime :P
okay so for the people who don't know what manga is : its the equivalence of comics but can target older audience...

well back to my 1st manga <.< It was naruto!!I was searching for naruto episodes and somehow entered a manga site so I liked it and that was my first manga ever :D
then after that I started reading more and more manga..I was introduced to this new world with tons of good stories and interesting art style and specifications O.O